Slowing Down

I dare say there are things we need to look at and thank COVID for. In the worst of times, I rely on being grateful to get me through the day. I started watching a new show today about a spoof on COVID. I did almost have to turn it off as I was not […]

I was a skeptic

While I had heard about mindfulness in the past, I knew very little about its effectiveness. I was skeptical if this would provide any benefit. Prior to the workshop I was feeling overwhelmed in my career and responsibilities to my family. Things never got accomplished to my satisfaction. In addition, my spiritual life seemed to […]

about to crash and burn

My life had been racing at 1000mph and I knew if I didn’t slow my pace, I just might crash and burn. That’s when I signed up to attend the Rae of Light mind-body medicine retreat. I typically don’t take the time or money to invest in good self-care, but this moment was different. I […]

I was a hot mess!

I was stressed out, burned out, we are talking crisis mode. When the world feels out of control and anxiety and OCD rear their ugly heads in full force. Let’s just say when you are scrubbing your floors for the third time at 4 o’clock in the morning um…. something has to change. I had […]