mind-body medicine

Push the reset button on your life. Be pampered. Be listened to. Experience the love and support you crave.

Experience the benefits of mindfulness – the awareness that emerges through paying attention in a focused way. Being present in the moment. On purpose. Free of outside noise. And without judgment.

Through this unique mind-body-medicine program you’ll discover new, personal meanings for the terms self-care and self-awareness.

Stress relief and resilience

When we’re able to focus on just what is happening in the present moment, our minds rid themselves of anxiety, worry and distress about other issues. In turn, our stress decreases, we return to a baseline and we create resilience.

Through the program you’ll be armed with skills to help you in times of stress and anxiety. You’ll form a new understanding of mindfulness that will allow you to feel a greater sense of empathy toward yourself and loved ones.

Who benefits from mind-body medicine

Our workshops are geared for somebody who’s burned out professionally; someone struggling to balance life, self and family; someone who needs a reset button on their life; someone low on self-confidence; in the midst of a career change; struggling with happiness; on the verge of retirement; someone who needs to prioritize themselves.