My First Workshop

I was nervously anticipating my first workshop. Concerns for my clients as well as self-doubt had clouded my mind. But a gift from my aunt of a heart locket that belonged to my grandmother grounded me. This was the very same locket I pictured in my guided imagery session at Georgetown.

It was here, Day One! The meal that night was top notch! If you have ever been to Youngstown you know the Italians can cook. I wanted to spoil everyone with local vendors so we had local wine and lots of chocolates. Who wouldn’t be happy? That night kicked off with the drawing meditation and everyone was so open to sharing. We got personal right away and it was obvious the comfort and safety of the group was already established with these five strangers and myself. We spent time long into the evening bonding over great wine and lovely conversation.

The following day was just as amazing. We started with a check in where we share how we are feeling. Some slept well others did not in a strange place but they admitted to all feeling relaxed and thankful for a time where they could just focus on themselves. The day included a number of different types of meditations including journaling, guided imagery, forgiveness meditation and some dancing exercises. Oh yes and the highlight of personal massages for everyone. By dinner time we were all in our zen state and ready for a gourmet meal and relaxing with a nice glass of wine, good conversation and by now very dear friends we would be sad to say goodbye to the next day.

Day three started with the walking meditation. It was a beautiful and sunny day and most were thankful to be outside and not being rushed to get from place to place but just appreciating nature. As the day progressed I could feel the strength in the room. Some of the group made decisions for how their life would improve when they got home focusing on the skills we learned to help them meditate and maintain self-care. Others were a bit timid to leave the safety of the group and would miss having someone just to listen with no judgment. We all vowed to stay in touch and we have! There have been emails that entailed long mindful walks in nature and continued daily journaling. Some mentioned meditating and going to their special and safe place after a very hectic day. It seems the skills they learned have been put to good use!

My love to all of my first group members. They will always hold a special place in my heart.