about to crash and burn

My life had been racing at 1000mph and I knew if I didn’t slow my pace, I just might crash and burn. That’s when I signed up to attend the Rae of Light mind-body medicine retreat. I typically don’t take the time or money to invest in good self-care, but this moment was different. I knew I had to MAKE time for myself.

The retreat location, Julia’s Bed & Breakfast, was a lovely, old mansion with vintage charm. I immediately felt a welcoming warm feeling and knew this was going to be a place for me to quiet my soul. The retreat guests were all kind and friendly and conversation came easy right from the start. Stacey was a gracious guide and led our group medition sessions with serious and compassionate intent. Her voice was gentle, her sincere desire for each of us to find peace was evident with each check in and her acceptance for each one of us in each step of our weekend journey was comforting.

I truly enjoyed all the special touches that were part of this experience, such as the hour-long massage, the delicious gourmet food and wine, but mostly the genuine connections I made with each of the retreat attendees. We all arrived as strangers and left as friends who understood and respected each other’s journey. I came away from the retreat feeling rested and settled. I knew my intentions for setting better boundaries and carving out time for quiet in my hectic schedule would be a new priority.
I highly recommend the Rae of Light retreats for anyone who is struggling with burn out, confusion about next steps in life or just needs to get away to have some time to sort through the chaos of life. You’ll enjoy the various forms of meditation as they stretch you to seek and find your inner voice. I can assure you that you’ll discover at least one or more methods to incorporate into your busy lives to help you cope and feel like you are in control again.

Contributed by Lori Bodkin author, editor, life mentor