rae of light mind-body medicine experience

Recharge, reassess and rejuvenate. All in the comfort of the finest accommodations and under the direction of a professional mindfulness spirit guide. Let’s block out the noise and distractions, find ourselves in the present, and leave with a head start on the future.

We find ourselves in unprecedented times. Because of the COVID outbreak, we are all adjusting to new habits of everyday life.
In addition, a lot of us are dealing with an unusually high amount of stress both personally and professionally. We are in
essence grieving in one way or another. The loss of normalcy, the fear of the unknown future and the loss of connection are
hitting all of us. So, in this time of need RaeofLight is learning to pivot to new opportunities. Sadly, I won’t be offering
the in-person workshops anytime in the near future, but I feel there is still so much of a need for the 3 R’s: Recharging,
Reassessing and Rejuvenating. So, stay tuned for my new venture of virtual classes and workshops. You won’t want to miss
pushing the reset button and getting the love and support you crave through my mind-body medicine programs.